Our 10 step process to generate profits

To start generating profits in 6-10 weeks, you need some science


30 min talk about your business

If we want to be able to help you generate more revenues with your business, we must start by understanding it perfectly. 

Whether your business is already up or just a project, we take 30min to 2h to talk about it, and be sure we get it perfectly


30+ pages recommandation

We send you a 30+ pages recommandation about how we would make money (or more money) with your business (or your idea). 

We try to be as precise as possible, with economics and road maps. At this point, we have to make sure we have the same vision about where your business is going and show you we can bring you there.

At this point, it is up to you : take it or leave it. 

Take it or leave it

At this point, if you just wanna take the recommandations and try to implement it on your website, it is okay. We stop here and wish you best of luck. No hard feelings, and more importantly nothing to pay on your side. We will be happy to have learnt more about your market and hopefully we will have helped you a bit. 


If you take it, we start building your website

If you feel like our recommandations could bring you more profits on your website and help you develop your business, then we start working together. 

The first step is to setup your ecommerce website on which we are going to build revenues. 

Get peace of mind by monotoring your project

As soon as we start working on your project, we set up for you a client environnement. You will keep access to it as long as we work together. 

On this customer interface, you will be able to monitor every action (develpment, marketing, products, etc…) we take for your website. You will also be able to report bugs and monitor the debugging. 

You get access 7/7 24/24 to your interface, from anywhere, anytime. 


You fill up the grid

We send you a grid with all information we need about your website. This will be your main task on website creation. It will take a few hours of work for you. 

But once it is done, we guarantee you that your website will be up and running within 1 week. Yes, your read it well. 1 week. 


We set up your website with our usual stack

We are able to create your website in one week because we have our usual stack that we use for (almost) every website. It is quick, efficient, benchmarked. 

In this stack, we will use your logo and main colors to create the design of the website. Any customer will be able to see that it is a website from your company. 

What if I want to adjust pix by pix the design of the website

Some of our clients ask us if they can choose their own stack or create the exact design they want and have us adjust it pix by pix to the website. 

It is of course possible. But we strongly recommend against it. 

We are managing dozens of ecommerce website and we are constantly checking for updates and benchmarking our stack. Believe us when we say it is the state-of-the-art stack. As for the design, even if it seems fancy to have it adapted pix by pix, it is usually much less efficient that our bullet-proof, many-times-tested designs that already integrate all the best practices we learnt from our other clients. Moreover, it is way longer to set up and usually less efficient as regards conversion and revenue generation. 

If you still believe that we should use your own stack and design, it is okay. Your are the client. We will happily get you a quote for that and inform you about the additionnal delay. 


We upload your catalog

Once the website is created and your are thrilled with the result, we start importing products from your catalog. You have nothing to worry about, we do all the work for you.

We carefully set up all product pages so as to get the maximum conversion out of it with our deep knowledge in ecommerce SEO. 


We setup emarketing campaigns and create content

Once the website is ready to launch, we set up emarketing campaigns on the appropriate channels so as to start generating sales. 

Addingly, we will create for you all the content required for emarketing. Once again, you have nothing to worry about, we take care of everything. 


Everyday, we manage your website

All year long, every day, we manage your website. You have nothing to do, you just focus on your products or services, and we get money out of it. 

Basically, we :
– update your catalog whenever you have new products / services, or based on the sales (to boost best sellers and hide losers)
– create marketing / viral content
– optimize the emarketing campaigns
– monitor and update your website


At the end of the month, we bill you 15% of the revenue

At the end of each month, we simply bill you 15% of the revenue generated on your website. This is all you have to pay for all this working maintaining, updating, improving your website and your emarketing campaigns. 

What is awesome in this business model is that our interests are perfectly aligned with yours : if we both do good work, we will both earn some money. If we don’t, we won’t. 


At least once a quarter, we have a beer together

Last but not least, at least once a quarter, we share a beer. To celebrate success, and the good business we are doing together.

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